Passion Fruit Pictures


What is Passion Fruit Pictures?

Passion Fruit Pictures is a production company with a mission to find and cultivate LGBTQ filmmakers and push Queer cinema and TV into a new era. From blockbuster to indie, horror to drama, there is a shift towards more diverse representation on our screens and the industry is seeing the value of Queer stories, characters and filmmakers. Passion Fruit Pictures’ mission is to seek out and nurture the finest talent among contemporary LGBTQ filmmakers.

Original stories, well told by visionary artists are successful, critically-acclaimed and have a lasting impact on society. The very best Queer films of the last 30 years have proven this time and time again.

Queer stories, from Queer people, for everyone.

For everyone?

Yes, Queer stories are no longer just for Queer people and the fear that these stories serve a relatively niche audience is disappearing.

Why the name Passion Fruit?

A ‘Passion Fruit’ in Hollywood was a straight-acting gay actor, unable to be their authentic self for fear of ruining their career. An inside joke, visible if you’re in on it but invisible and conformist if you’re not.

On the surface it sounds like a perfectly inoffensive name. However, in the same way that Queer filmmakers injected their industry-conforming films with hidden subtext, this name is loaded with meaning – if you’re in on the joke.

Who is Passion Fruit Pictures?

Passion Fruit Pictures is the brainchild of Liam Rogers, an award-winning UK-based filmmaker and photographer.

The National Student Film Festival called Liam’s first film ‘our most controversial film of the year…an adventurous boundary-pushing short’ and he has been obsessed with living up to this review ever since.

Inspired by pioneering Queer filmmakers, auteurs of World and Indie Cinema, experimental rule breakers and the allure of the Hollywood system they were trying to deconstruct, Liam’s influences are diverse and often contradictory.

Liam believes that as far as western society has come in accepting LGBTQ people, the film and TV industry has both spearheaded change and at times hindered it, helping push forward in some areas whilst also suppressing Queer stories and talent.

13 years ago a cowboy love story pushed Queer cinema into a new era. Your story could be the one that pushes it into the next era. Got a story tell?